Inclement Weather UPDATE |

Inclement Weather UPDATE

*Inclement Weather Update* from Division Office

 We are reviewing our Inclement Weather practices following the winter storm on February 8th, when it was deemed a Yellow Day and buses in Chinook’s Edge weren’t running. In retrospect, due to the potential safety issues this created for staff and high school students,  we likely would have classified this particular day as a Red Day in some of our schools. Each Inclement Weather day is unique, and each present different challenges across our large division. Our ongoing review and discussions are based on the priority of safety considerations for students and staff.  Following this review, the likelihood of a Red Day is higher than it has traditionally been.

There are several issues that might necessitate a Red Day at a school, in a community, or throughout the entire division. Facility issues, such as extended power outages, for instance, may also necessitate a Red Day. Most often a Red Day is declared because the roads are unsafe for travel for students, parents and staff, due to a winter snowstorm. It is vital that parents have clear back-up plans in place for the care of their children on Red Days when their school is closed.

It is also imperative that parents are familiar with our Inclement Weather protocols (which are available on school websites and the division website). To ensure highest safety, parents are reminded that on a Yellow Day at your child’s school (meaning that buses are not running, but schools are open and classes are being held), our schools still require you to contact them if your child will be absent. Some parents may choose to drive their child into the school when their school bus isn’t running, while some parents will choose to keep their child at home that day – and schools can’t make assumptions when safety is at stake. Parents of bus students: please contact your school to confirm if your child will be absent on Yellow Days.