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What are Teacher Collaborative Days?


The purpose of our Teacher Collaborative Days (5 non-instructional Fridays a year) is to develop and hone our teaching and learning practices by working collaboratively on learning strategies and programming for our students. We find this dedicated time meaningful for improving academic performance and the social/emotional wellness for our BGS school community. Two focuses this year include our Vertical Team Curriculum Alignment project and our K to 12 schools partnership.

At Bowden Grandview School our K-12 teachers are currently working in vertical teams on a 3 year project designed to align curriculum, share best practices and strengthen assessment strategies around literacy and numeracy. Our teachers work together in grades K-3, 4-6 and 7-12 groups. On Collaborative Days, we spend time analyzing data, creating consistent practices and reflecting on lessons and assessment to improve student success. 

We, also, meet (face to face or virtually) with other K-12 teachers from Spruce View, Delburne, Cremona and Olds Koinonia in grade level teams to share best practices, resources and educational programming? The ability to connect with “like” schools has allowed us to build cooperative relationships that foster sharing and collaboration. Our teachers have engaged in this process for the last three years and believe this to be beneficial to their teaching practice.

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