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Linda Wagers

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Our Trustee

I grew up on a farm west of Innisfail and have lived just NW of Spruce View since 2001. Included in 31 years of teaching, I have taught both from Spruce View and Bowden.  I was also involved in the start-up years of three non-traditional schools in CESD (Outreach, Career High, and Academy-On-Line), and taught the last 21 years in the largest school in the division.  My experience as a teacher spans from grade 3 to 12, K-12 schools to non-traditional teaching including homeschool visits, and all curricular subjects with the exception of Humanities. 

I look forward to bringing a fresh perspective, from the front lines of teaching, to Ward 5 schools and seeing these schools grow by helping to meet  requirements that need to be  addressed over the next number of years, given so much has been changing at alarming rates. 

I was always an active member of the Parent Council in the schools I worked with and I look forward to joining parents at their prospective school meetings and functions.

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