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Katelyn Barkshire

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Teachers - Elementary - Grade 3

Phone: (403) 224-3250

Hey everyone!

So over the summer soemthing very exciting happened... I got married! My name is officially changed to Barkshire. So, eventhough I will still answer to Glimsdale, my new name at school is Mrs. Barkshire. Mrs. B and Miss G sound very similar so this should be an easy transition. 

I am the grade 3 teacher and lead of the Student Services Team here at Bowden Grandview School. The majority of my day is spent in the grade 3 room while the remainder is spent organizing, assisting and programming for other students in our school. I have been in this profession for 8 years now, with 5 of them being at Bowden. I have some to know this place as my seconf home, not only for the tiem I spend here but for the relationships I have created with the people who fill it. It is a lovely place to be!

Teaching is my passion. I strive to instill my love for learning in all students who I interact and work with. My goal is to really get to know each student who crosses my path so that I can really unlock their full potential. I bring a friendly smile, a positive attitude and lots of energy where ever I go and I hope that everyone I encounter sees, and feeds off, that. 

Outside of school I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, being physically active, running, being with my animals, reading a good book, camping, traveling and exploring new places.

I am so looking forward to having students back in the building and cannot wait to see what the year has in store for us!

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